Words containing erl

Meaning of Chitterling

Chitterling means: The frill to the breast of a shirt, which when ironed out resembled the small entrails. See Chitterlings.

Meaning of Chitterlings

Chitterlings means: The smaller intestines of swine, etc., fried for food.

Meaning of Cleverly

Cleverly means: In a clever manner.

Meaning of Clouterly

Clouterly means: Clumsy; awkward.

Meaning of Coverlet

Coverlet means: The uppermost cover of a bed or of any piece of furniture.

Meaning of Coverlid

Coverlid means: A coverlet.

Meaning of Dangerless

Dangerless means: Free from danger.

Meaning of Dapperling

Dapperling means: A dwarf; a dandiprat.

Meaning of Daughterliness

Daughterliness means: The state of a daughter, or the conduct becoming a daughter.

Meaning of Daughterly

Daughterly means: Becoming a daughter; filial.

Meaning of Zyophyte

Zyophyte means: Any plant of a proposed class or grand division (Zygophytes, Zygophyta, or Zygosporeae), in which reproduction consists in the union of two similar cells. Cf. Oophyte.

Meaning of Zygomorphous

Zygomorphous means: Symmetrical bilaterally; -- said of organisms, or parts of organisms, capable of division into two symmetrical halves only in a single plane.

Meaning of Zygomorphic

Zygomorphic means: Alt. of Zygomorphous

Meaning of Zygomatic

Zygomatic means: Of, pertaining to, or in the region of, the zygoma.

Meaning of Zygoma

Zygoma means: The whole zygomatic arch.

Meaning of Zygoma

Zygoma means: The zygomatic process of the temporal bone.

Meaning of Zygoma

Zygoma means: The jugal, malar, or cheek bone.

Meaning of Zygodactylous

Zygodactylous means: Yoke-footed; having the toes disposed in pairs; -- applied to birds which have two toes before and two behind, as the parrot, cuckoo, woodpecker, etc.

Meaning of Zygodactylic

Zygodactylic means: Alt. of Zygodactylous

Meaning of Zygodactyli

Zygodactyli means: Same as Scansores.

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