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Meaning of Alphabetic

Alphabetic means: Alt. of Alphabetical

Meaning of Alphabetical

Alphabetical means: Pertaining to, furnished with, expressed by, or in the order of, the letters of the alphabet; as, alphabetic characters, writing, languages, arrangement.

Meaning of Alphabetical

Alphabetical means: Literal.

Meaning of Alphabetically

Alphabetically means: In an alphabetic manner; in the customary order of the letters.

Meaning of Alphabetics

Alphabetics means: The science of representing spoken sounds by letters.

Meaning of Alphabetism

Alphabetism means: The expression of spoken sounds by an alphabet.

Meaning of Alphabetize

Alphabetize means: To arrange alphabetically; as, to alphabetize a list of words.

Meaning of Alphabetize

Alphabetize means: To furnish with an alphabet.

Meaning of Althaea

Althaea means: Alt. of Althea

Meaning of Alum shale

Alum shale means: A variety of shale or clay slate, containing iron pyrites, the decomposition of which leads to the formation of alum, which often effloresces on the rock.

Meaning of Zoosperm

Zoosperm means: One of the spermatic particles; spermatozoid.

Meaning of Zoopsychology

Zoopsychology means: Animal psychology.

Meaning of Zoopraxiscope

Zoopraxiscope means: An instrument similar to, or the same as, the, the phenakistoscope, by means of which pictures projected upon a screen are made to exhibit the natural movements of animals, and the like.

Meaning of Zoophytology

Zoophytology means: The natural history zoophytes.

Meaning of Zoophytological

Zoophytological means: Of or pertaining to zoophytology; as, zoophytological observations.

Meaning of Zoophytoid

Zoophytoid means: Pertaining to, or resembling, a zoophyte.

Meaning of Zoophytical

Zoophytical means: Of or pertaining to zoophytes.

Meaning of Zoophytic

Zoophytic means: Alt. of Zoophytical

Meaning of Zoophyte

Zoophyte means: Any one of the Zoophyta.

Meaning of Zoophyte

Zoophyte means: Any one of numerous species of invertebrate animals which more or less resemble plants in appearance, or mode of growth, as the corals, gorgonians, sea anemones, hydroids, bryozoans, sponges, etc., especially any of those that form compound colonies having a branched or treelike form, as many corals and hydroids.

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