Words containing ist

Meaning of Baalist

Baalist means: Alt. of Baalite

Meaning of Babist

Babist means: A believer in Babism.

Meaning of Bacteriologist

Bacteriologist means: One skilled in bacteriology.

Meaning of Bacterioscopist

Bacterioscopist means: One skilled in bacterioscopic examinations.

Meaning of Bakistre

Bakistre means: A baker.

Meaning of Balister

Balister means: A crossbow.

Meaning of Balistoid

Balistoid means: Like a fish of the genus Balistes; of the family Balistidae. See Filefish.

Meaning of Balistraria

Balistraria means: A narrow opening, often cruciform, through which arrows might be discharged.

Meaning of Ballist/

Ballist/ means: of Ballista

Meaning of Ballista

Ballista means: An ancient military engine, in the form of a crossbow, used for hurling large missiles.

Meaning of Zeuzerian

Zeuzerian means: Any one of a group of bombycid moths of which the genus Zeuzera is the type. Some of these moths are of large size. The goat moth is an example.

Meaning of Zeus

Zeus means: The chief deity of the Greeks, and ruler of the upper world (cf. Hades). He was identified with Jupiter.

Meaning of Zeugobranchiata

Zeugobranchiata means: Same as Zygobranchia.

Meaning of Zeugmatic

Zeugmatic means: Of or pertaining to zeugma; characterized by zeugma.

Meaning of Zeugma

Zeugma means: A figure by which an adjective or verb, which agrees with a nearer word, is, by way of supplement, referred also to another more remote; as, "hic illius arma, hic currus fuit;" where fuit, which agrees directly with currus, is referred also to arma.

Meaning of Zeuglodonta

Zeuglodonta means: Same as Phocodontia.

Meaning of Zeuglodont

Zeuglodont means: Any species of Zeuglodonta.

Meaning of Zeuglodon

Zeuglodon means: A genus of extinct Eocene whales, remains of which have been found in the Gulf States. The species had very long and slender bodies and broad serrated teeth. See Phocodontia.

Meaning of Zetetics

Zetetics means: A branch of algebra which relates to the direct search for unknown quantities.

Meaning of Zetetic

Zetetic means: A seeker; -- a name adopted by some of the Pyrrhonists.

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