Words containing le

Meaning of Aleger

Aleger means: Gay; cheerful; sprightly.

Meaning of Alegge

Alegge means: To allay or alleviate; to lighten.

Meaning of Alehoof

Alehoof means: Ground ivy (Nepeta Glechoma).

Meaning of Alehouse

Alehouse means: A house where ale is retailed; hence, a tippling house.

Meaning of Ale-knight

Ale-knight means: A pot companion.

Meaning of Alemannic

Alemannic means: Belonging to the Alemanni, a confederacy of warlike German tribes.

Meaning of Alemannic

Alemannic means: The language of the Alemanni.

Meaning of Alembic

Alembic means: An apparatus formerly used in distillation, usually made of glass or metal. It has mostly given place to the retort and worm still.

Meaning of Alembroth

Alembroth means: The salt of wisdom of the alchemists, a double salt composed of the chlorides of ammonium and mercury. It was formerly used as a stimulant.

Meaning of Alen/on lace

Alen/on lace means: See under Lace.

Meaning of Zingari

Zingari means: of Zingaro

Meaning of Zincous

Zincous means: Of or pertaining to the positive pole of a galvanic battery; electro-positive.

Meaning of Zincous

Zincous means: Hence, formerly, basic, basylous, as opposed to chlorous.

Meaning of Zincous

Zincous means: Of, pertaining to, or containing, zinc; zincic; as, zincous salts.

Meaning of Zinco-polar

Zinco-polar means: Electrically polarized like the surface of the zinc presented to the acid in a battery, which has zincous affinity.

Meaning of Zincoid

Zincoid means: Pertaining to, or resembling, zinc; -- said of the electricity of the zincous plate in connection with a copper plate in a voltaic circle; also, designating the positive pole.

Meaning of Zincography

Zincography means: The art or process of engraving or etching on zinc, in which the design is left in relief in the style of a wood cut, the rest of the ground being eaten away by acid.

Meaning of Zincongraphical

Zincongraphical means: Of or pertaining to zincography; as, zincographic processes.

Meaning of Zincongraphic

Zincongraphic means: Alt. of Zincongraphical

Meaning of Zincographer

Zincographer means: An engraver on zinc.

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