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Meaning of Accompanable

Accompanable means: Sociable.

Meaning of Accompletive

Accompletive means: Tending to accomplish.

Meaning of Accomplishable

Accomplishable means: Capable of being accomplished; practicable.

Meaning of Accomptable

Accomptable means: See Accountable.

Meaning of Accordable

Accordable means: Agreeing.

Meaning of Accordable

Accordable means: Reconcilable; in accordance.

Meaning of Accostable

Accostable means: Approachable; affable.

Meaning of Accountable

Accountable means: Liable to be called on to render an account; answerable; as, every man is accountable to God for his conduct.

Meaning of Accountable

Accountable means: Capable of being accounted for; explicable.

Meaning of Accountable ness

Accountable ness means: The quality or state of being accountable; accountability.

Meaning of Zoster

Zoster means: Shingles.

Meaning of Zoroastrism

Zoroastrism means: Same as Zoroastrianism.

Meaning of Zoroastrianism

Zoroastrianism means: The religious system of Zoroaster, the legislator and prophet of the ancient Persians, which was the national faith of Persia; mazdeism. The system presupposes a good spirit (Ormuzd) and an opposing evil spirit (Ahriman). Cf. Fire worship, under Fire, and Parsee.

Meaning of Zoroastrian

Zoroastrian means: A follower of Zoroaster; one who accepts Zoroastrianism.

Meaning of Zoroastrian

Zoroastrian means: Of or pertaining to Zoroaster, or his religious system.

Meaning of Zorilla

Zorilla means: Either one of two species of small African carnivores of the genus Ictonyx allied to the weasels and skunks.

Meaning of Zoril

Zoril means: Same as Zorilla.

Meaning of Zopilote

Zopilote means: The urubu, or American black vulture.

Meaning of Zope

Zope means: A European fresh-water bream (Abramis ballerus).

Meaning of Zoozoo

Zoozoo means: The wood pigeon.

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