Words containing lism

Meaning of Nihilism

Nihilism means: Nothingness; nihility.

Meaning of Nihilism

Nihilism means: The doctrine that nothing can be known; scepticism as to all knowledge and all reality.

Meaning of Nihilism

Nihilism means: The theories and practices of the Nihilists.

Meaning of Noctambulism

Noctambulism means: Somnambulism.

Meaning of Nominalism

Nominalism means: The principles or philosophy of the Nominalists.

Meaning of Novelism

Novelism means: Innovation.

Meaning of Occasionalism

Occasionalism means: The system of occasional causes; -- a name given to certain theories of the Cartesian school of philosophers, as to the intervention of the First Cause, by which they account for the apparent reciprocal action of the soul and the body.

Meaning of Officialism

Officialism means: The state of being official; a system of official government; also, adherence to office routine; red-tapism.

Meaning of Ordinalism

Ordinalism means: The state or quality of being ordinal.

Meaning of Orientalism

Orientalism means: Any system, doctrine, custom, expression, etc., peculiar to Oriental people.

Meaning of Zooecium

Zooecium means: One of the cells or tubes which inclose the feeling zooids of Bryozoa. See Illust. of Sea Moss.

Meaning of Zooecia

Zooecia means: of Zooecium

Meaning of Zoodendrium

Zoodendrium means: The branched, and often treelike, support of the colonies of certain Infusoria.

Meaning of Zoodendria

Zoodendria means: of Zoodendrium

Meaning of Zoocytium

Zoocytium means: The common support, often branched, of certain species of social Infusoria.

Meaning of Zoocytia

Zoocytia means: of Zoocytium

Meaning of Zoocyst

Zoocyst means: A cyst formed by certain Protozoa and unicellular plants which the contents divide into a large number of granules, each of which becomes a germ.

Meaning of Zoochlorella

Zoochlorella means: One of the small green granulelike bodies found in the interior of certain stentors, hydras, and other invertebrates.

Meaning of Zoochemy

Zoochemy means: Animal chemistry; zoochemistry.

Meaning of Zoochemistry

Zoochemistry means: Animal chemistry; particularly, the description of the chemical compounds entering into the composition of the animal body, in distinction from biochemistry.

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