Words containing ma

Meaning of Amandine

Amandine means: The vegetable casein of almonds.

Meaning of Amandine

Amandine means: A kind of cold cream prepared from almonds, for chapped hands, etc.

Meaning of Amanitine

Amanitine means: The poisonous principle of some fungi.

Meaning of Amanuenses

Amanuenses means: of Amanuensis

Meaning of Amanuensis

Amanuensis means: A person whose employment is to write what another dictates, or to copy what another has written.

Meaning of Amaracus

Amaracus means: A fragrant flower.

Meaning of Amarant

Amarant means: Amaranth, 1.

Meaning of Amarantaceous

Amarantaceous means: Of, pertaining to, or resembling, the family of plants of which the amaranth is the type.

Meaning of Amaranth

Amaranth means: An imaginary flower supposed never to fade.

Meaning of Amaranth

Amaranth means: A genus of ornamental annual plants (Amaranthus) of many species, with green, purplish, or crimson flowers.

Meaning of Zoochemical

Zoochemical means: Pertaining to zoochemistry.

Meaning of Zoo-

Zoo- means: A combining form from Gr. zwo^,n an animal, as in zoogenic, zoology, etc.

Meaning of Zonure

Zonure means: Any one of several of South African lizards of the genus Zonura, common in rocky situations.

Meaning of Zonulet

Zonulet means: A zonule.

Meaning of Zonule

Zonule means: A little zone, or girdle.

Meaning of Zonular

Zonular means: Of or pertaining to a zone; zone-shaped.

Meaning of Zonnar

Zonnar means: See Zonar.

Meaning of Zoneless

Zoneless means: Not having a zone; ungirded.

Meaning of Zoned

Zoned means: Zonate.

Meaning of Zoned

Zoned means: Having zones, or concentric bands; striped.

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