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Meaning of Ablution

Ablution means: The water used in cleansing.

Meaning of Ablution

Ablution means: A small quantity of wine and water, which is used to wash the priest's thumb and index finger after the communion, and which then, as perhaps containing portions of the consecrated elements, is drunk by the priest.

Meaning of Ablutionary

Ablutionary means: Pertaining to ablution.

Meaning of Abluvion

Abluvion means: That which is washed off.

Meaning of Abnegated

Abnegated means: of Abnegate

Meaning of Abnegating

Abnegating means: of Abnegate

Meaning of Abnegate

Abnegate means: To deny and reject; to abjure.

Meaning of Abnegation

Abnegation means: a denial; a renunciation.

Meaning of Abnegative

Abnegative means: Denying; renouncing; negative.

Meaning of Abnegator

Abnegator means: One who abnegates, denies, or rejects anything.

Meaning of Zoochemical

Zoochemical means: Pertaining to zoochemistry.

Meaning of Zoo-

Zoo- means: A combining form from Gr. zwo^,n an animal, as in zoogenic, zoology, etc.

Meaning of Zonure

Zonure means: Any one of several of South African lizards of the genus Zonura, common in rocky situations.

Meaning of Zonulet

Zonulet means: A zonule.

Meaning of Zonule

Zonule means: A little zone, or girdle.

Meaning of Zonular

Zonular means: Of or pertaining to a zone; zone-shaped.

Meaning of Zonnar

Zonnar means: See Zonar.

Meaning of Zoneless

Zoneless means: Not having a zone; ungirded.

Meaning of Zoned

Zoned means: Zonate.

Meaning of Zoned

Zoned means: Having zones, or concentric bands; striped.

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