Words containing nonexi

Meaning of You

You means: The pronoun of the second person, in the nominative, dative, and objective case, indicating the person or persons addressed. See the Note under Ye.

Meaning of Yote

Yote means: To pour water on; to soak in, or mix with, water.

Meaning of Yot

Yot means: To unite closely.

Meaning of York use

York use means: The one of the three printed uses of England which was followed in the north. It was based on the Sarum use. See Use, n., 6.

Meaning of Yorkshire

Yorkshire means: A county in the north of England.

Meaning of Yorker

Yorker means: A tice.

Meaning of Yore

Yore means: In time long past; in old time; long since.

Meaning of Yonker

Yonker means: A young fellow; a younker.

Meaning of Yoni

Yoni means: The symbol under which Sakti, or the personification of the female power in nature, is worshiped. Cf. Lingam.

Meaning of Yonder

Yonder means: Being at a distance within view, or conceived of as within view; that or those there; yon.

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