Words containing onat

Meaning of Detonate

Detonate means: To cause to explode; to cause to burn or inflame with a sudden report.

Meaning of Detonating

Detonating means: from Detonate.

Meaning of Detonation

Detonation means: An explosion or sudden report made by the instantaneous decomposition or combustion of unstable substances' as, the detonation of gun cotton.

Meaning of Detonator

Detonator means: One who, or that which, detonates.

Meaning of Diaconate

Diaconate means: The office of a deacon; deaconship; also, a body or board of deacons.

Meaning of Diaconate

Diaconate means: Governed by deacons.

Meaning of Disaffectionate

Disaffectionate means: Not disposed to affection; unfriendly; disaffected.

Meaning of Dispassionate

Dispassionate means: Free from passion; not warped, prejudiced, swerved, or carried away by passion or feeling; judicial; calm; composed.

Meaning of Dispassionate

Dispassionate means: Not dictated by passion; not proceeding from temper or bias; impartial; as, dispassionate proceedings; a dispassionate view.

Meaning of Disproportionate

Disproportionate means: Not proportioned; unsymmetrical; unsuitable to something else in bulk, form, value, or extent; out of proportion; inadequate; as, in a perfect body none of the limbs are disproportionate; it is wisdom not to undertake a work disproportionate means.

Meaning of Zwanziger

Zwanziger means: An Austrian silver coin equivalent to 20 kreutzers, or about 10 cents.

Meaning of Zunyite

Zunyite means: A fluosilicate of alumina occurring in tetrahedral crystals at the Zu/i mine in Colorado.

Meaning of Zu/is

Zu/is means: A tribe of Pueblo Indians occupying a village in New Mexico, on the Zu/i River.

Meaning of Zumometer

Zumometer means: See Zymic, Zymological, etc.

Meaning of Zumology

Zumology means: Alt. of Zumometer

Meaning of Zumological

Zumological means: Alt. of Zumometer

Meaning of Zumic

Zumic means: Alt. of Zumometer

Meaning of Zumbooruk

Zumbooruk means: A small cannon supported by a swiveled rest on the back of a camel, whence it is fired, -- used in the East.

Meaning of Zulus

Zulus means: The most important tribe belonging to the Kaffir race. They inhabit a region on the southeast coast of Africa, but formerly occupied a much more extensive country. They are noted for their warlike disposition, courage, and military skill.

Meaning of Zuisin

Zuisin means: The American widgeon.

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