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Meaning of Boulework

Boulework means: Same as Buhl, Buhlwork.

Meaning of Breastwork

Breastwork means: A defensive work of moderate height, hastily thrown up, of earth or other material.

Meaning of Breastwork

Breastwork means: A railing on the quarter-deck and forecastle.

Meaning of Brickwork

Brickwork means: Anything made of bricks.

Meaning of Brickwork

Brickwork means: The act of building with or laying bricks.

Meaning of Buhlwork

Buhlwork means: Decorative woodwork in which tortoise shell, yellow metal, white metal, etc., are inlaid, forming scrolls, cartouches, etc.

Meaning of Bywork

Bywork means: Work aside from regular work; subordinate or secondary business.

Meaning of Cabinetwork

Cabinetwork means: The art or occupation of working upon wooden furniture requiring nice workmanship; also, such furniture.

Meaning of Catchwork

Catchwork means: A work or artificial water-course for throwing water on lands that lie on the slopes of hills; a catchdrain.

Meaning of Chainwork

Chainwork means: Work looped or linked after the manner of a chain; chain stitch work.

Meaning of Zymometer

Zymometer means: Alt. of Zymosimeter

Meaning of Zymome

Zymome means: A glutinous substance, insoluble in alcohol, resembling legumin; -- now called vegetable fibrin, vegetable albumin, or gluten casein.

Meaning of Zymology

Zymology means: A treatise on the fermentation of liquors, or the doctrine of fermentation.

Meaning of Zymologist

Zymologist means: One who is skilled in zymology, or in the fermentation of liquors.

Meaning of Zymological

Zymological means: Of or pertaining to zymology.

Meaning of Zymologic

Zymologic means: Alt. of Zymological

Meaning of Zymogenic

Zymogenic means: Capable of producing a definite zymogen or ferment.

Meaning of Zymogenic

Zymogenic means: Pertaining to, or formed by, a zymogene.

Meaning of Zymogene

Zymogene means: One of a physiological group of globular bacteria which produces fermentations of diverse nature; -- distinguished from pathogene.

Meaning of Zymogen

Zymogen means: A mother substance, or antecedent, of an enzyme or chemical ferment; -- applied to such substances as, not being themselves actual ferments, may by internal changes give rise to a ferment.

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