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Meaning of Waterwork

Waterwork means: An hydraulic apparatus, or a system of works or fixtures, by which a supply of water is furnished for useful or ornamental purposes, including dams, sluices, pumps, aqueducts, distributing pipes, fountains, etc.; -- used chiefly in the plural.

Meaning of Waxwork

Waxwork means: Work made of wax; especially, a figure or figures formed or partly of wax, in imitation of real beings.

Meaning of Waxwork

Waxwork means: An American climbing shrub (Celastrus scandens). It bears a profusion of yellow berrylike pods, which open in the autumn, and display the scarlet coverings of the seeds.

Meaning of Waxworker

Waxworker means: One who works in wax; one who makes waxwork.

Meaning of Waxworker

Waxworker means: A bee that makes or produces wax.

Meaning of Wheelwork

Wheelwork means: A combination of wheels, and their connection, in a machine or mechanism.

Meaning of Wickerwork

Wickerwork means: A texture of osiers, twigs, or rods; articles made of such a texture.

Meaning of Wirework

Wirework means: Work, especially openwork, formed of wires.

Meaning of Wire-worker

Wire-worker means: One who manufactures articles from wire.

Meaning of Wonderwork

Wonderwork means: A wonderful work or act; a prodigy; a miracle.

Meaning of Zoccolo

Zoccolo means: Same as Socle.

Meaning of Zocco

Zocco means: Alt. of Zoccolo

Meaning of Zocle

Zocle means: Same as Socle.

Meaning of Zobo

Zobo means: A kind of domestic cattle reared in Asia for its flesh and milk. It is supposed to be a hybrid between the zebu and the yak.

Meaning of Zoanthus

Zoanthus means: A genus of Actinaria, including numerous species, found mostly in tropical seas. The zooids or polyps resemble small, elongated actinias united together at their bases by fleshy stolons, and thus forming extensive groups. The tentacles are small and bright colored.

Meaning of Zoanthropy

Zoanthropy means: A kind of monomania in which the patient believes himself transformed into one of the lower animals.

Meaning of Zoanthoid

Zoanthoid means: Of or pertaining to the Zoanthacea.

Meaning of Zoanthodeme

Zoanthodeme means: The zooids of a compound anthozoan, collectively.

Meaning of Zoantharian

Zoantharian means: One of the Anthozoa.

Meaning of Zoantharian

Zoantharian means: Of or pertaining to the Zoantharia.

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