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Meaning of Adipous

Adipous means: Fatty; adipose.

Meaning of Air poise

Air poise means: An instrument to measure the weight of air.

Meaning of Alepole

Alepole means: A pole set up as the sign of an alehouse.

Meaning of All-possessed

All-possessed means: Controlled by an evil spirit or by evil passions; wild.

Meaning of Amblypoda

Amblypoda means: A group of large, extinct, herbivorous mammals, common in the Tertiary formation of the United States.

Meaning of Amphicarpous

Amphicarpous means: Producing fruit of two kinds, either as to form or time of ripening.

Meaning of Amphipod

Amphipod means: One of the Amphipoda.

Meaning of Amphipod

Amphipod means: Alt. of Amphipodan

Meaning of Amphipodan

Amphipodan means: Of or pertaining to the Amphipoda.

Meaning of Amphipoda

Amphipoda means: A numerous group of fourteen -- footed Crustacea, inhabiting both fresh and salt water. The body is usually compressed laterally, and the anterior pairs or legs are directed downward and forward, but the posterior legs are usually turned upward and backward. The beach flea is an example. See Tetradecapoda and Arthrostraca.

Meaning of Zymic

Zymic means: Pertaining to, or produced by, fermentation; -- formerly, by confusion, used to designate lactic acid.

Meaning of Zyme

Zyme means: The morbific principle of a zymotic disease.

Meaning of Zyme

Zyme means: A ferment.

Meaning of Zymase

Zymase means: A soluble ferment, or enzyme. See Enzyme.

Meaning of Zylonite

Zylonite means: Celluloid.

Meaning of Zygospore

Zygospore means: A spore formed by the union of several zoospores; -- called also zygozoospore.

Meaning of Zygospore

Zygospore means: Same as Zygosperm.

Meaning of Zygosphene

Zygosphene means: A median process on the front part of the neural arch of the vertebrae of most snakes and some lizards, which fits into a fossa, called the zygantrum, on the back part of the arch in front.

Meaning of Zygosperm

Zygosperm means: A spore formed by the union of the contents of two similar cells, either of the same or of distinct individual plants. Zygosperms are found in certain orders of algae and fungi.

Meaning of Zygosis

Zygosis means: Same as Conjugation.

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