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Meaning of Anthropocentric

Anthropocentric means: Assuming man as the center or ultimate end; -- applied to theories of the universe or of any part of it, as the solar system.

Meaning of Anthropogenic

Anthropogenic means: Of or pertaining to anthropogeny.

Meaning of Anthropogeny

Anthropogeny means: The science or study of human generation, or the origin and development of man.

Meaning of Anthropoglot

Anthropoglot means: An animal which has a tongue resembling that of man, as the parrot.

Meaning of Anthropography

Anthropography means: That branch of anthropology which treats of the actual distribution of the human race in its different divisions, as distinguished by physical character, language, institutions, and customs, in contradistinction to ethnography, which treats historically of the origin and filiation of races and nations.

Meaning of Anthropoid

Anthropoid means: Resembling man; -- applied especially to certain apes, as the ourang or gorilla.

Meaning of Anthropoid

Anthropoid means: An anthropoid ape.

Meaning of Anthropoidal

Anthropoidal means: Anthropoid.

Meaning of Anthropoidea

Anthropoidea means: The suborder of primates which includes the monkeys, apes, and man.

Meaning of Anthropolatry

Anthropolatry means: Man worship.

Meaning of Zwanziger

Zwanziger means: An Austrian silver coin equivalent to 20 kreutzers, or about 10 cents.

Meaning of Zunyite

Zunyite means: A fluosilicate of alumina occurring in tetrahedral crystals at the Zu/i mine in Colorado.

Meaning of Zu/is

Zu/is means: A tribe of Pueblo Indians occupying a village in New Mexico, on the Zu/i River.

Meaning of Zumometer

Zumometer means: See Zymic, Zymological, etc.

Meaning of Zumology

Zumology means: Alt. of Zumometer

Meaning of Zumological

Zumological means: Alt. of Zumometer

Meaning of Zumic

Zumic means: Alt. of Zumometer

Meaning of Zumbooruk

Zumbooruk means: A small cannon supported by a swiveled rest on the back of a camel, whence it is fired, -- used in the East.

Meaning of Zulus

Zulus means: The most important tribe belonging to the Kaffir race. They inhabit a region on the southeast coast of Africa, but formerly occupied a much more extensive country. They are noted for their warlike disposition, courage, and military skill.

Meaning of Zuisin

Zuisin means: The American widgeon.

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