Words containing rica

Meaning of Genericalness

Genericalness means: The quality of being generic.

Meaning of Geocentrical

Geocentrical means: Having reference to the earth as center; in relation to or seen from the earth, -- usually opposed to heliocentric, as seen from the sun; as, the geocentric longitude or latitude of a planet.

Meaning of Geocentrical

Geocentrical means: Having reference to the center of the earth.

Meaning of Geocentrically

Geocentrically means: In a geocentric manner.

Meaning of Geometrical

Geometrical means: Pertaining to, or according to the rules or principles of, geometry; determined by geometry; as, a geometrical solution of a problem.

Meaning of Geometrically

Geometrically means: According to the rules or laws of geometry.

Meaning of Goniometrical

Goniometrical means: Pertaining to, or determined by means of, a goniometer; trigonometric.

Meaning of Heliocentrical

Heliocentrical means: pertaining to the sun's center, or appearing to be seen from it; having, or relating to, the sun as a center; -- opposed to geocentrical.

Meaning of Heliometrical

Heliometrical means: Of or pertaining to the heliometer, or to heliometry.

Meaning of Helispherical

Helispherical means: Spiral.

Meaning of Zoochemical

Zoochemical means: Pertaining to zoochemistry.

Meaning of Zoo-

Zoo- means: A combining form from Gr. zwo^,n an animal, as in zoogenic, zoology, etc.

Meaning of Zonure

Zonure means: Any one of several of South African lizards of the genus Zonura, common in rocky situations.

Meaning of Zonulet

Zonulet means: A zonule.

Meaning of Zonule

Zonule means: A little zone, or girdle.

Meaning of Zonular

Zonular means: Of or pertaining to a zone; zone-shaped.

Meaning of Zonnar

Zonnar means: See Zonar.

Meaning of Zoneless

Zoneless means: Not having a zone; ungirded.

Meaning of Zoned

Zoned means: Zonate.

Meaning of Zoned

Zoned means: Having zones, or concentric bands; striped.

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