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Meaning of Embarkation

Embarkation means: The act of putting or going on board of a vessel; as, the embarkation of troops.

Meaning of Embarkation

Embarkation means: That which is embarked; as, an embarkation of Jesuits.

Meaning of Embarkment

Embarkment means: Embarkation.

Meaning of Empark

Empark means: To make a park of; to inclose, as with a fence; to impark.

Meaning of Endark

Endark means: To darken.

Meaning of Erke

Erke means: ASlothful.

Meaning of Facework

Facework means: The material of the outside or front side, as of a wall or building; facing.

Meaning of Fancywork

Fancywork means: Ornamental work with a needle or hook, as embroidery, crocheting, netting, etc.

Meaning of Fecifork

Fecifork means: The anal fork on which the larvae of certain insects carry their faeces.

Meaning of Fieldwork

Fieldwork means: Any temporary fortification thrown up by an army in the field; -- commonly in the plural.

Meaning of Zinziberaceous

Zinziberaceous means: Same as Zingiberaceous.

Meaning of Zinsang

Zinsang means: The delundung.

Meaning of Zinnwaldite

Zinnwaldite means: A kind of mica containing lithium, often associated with tin ore.

Meaning of Zinnia

Zinnia means: Any plant of the composite genus Zinnia, Mexican herbs with opposite leaves and large gay-colored blossoms. Zinnia elegans is the commonest species in cultivation.

Meaning of Zinky

Zinky means: See Zincky.

Meaning of Zinkenite

Zinkenite means: A steel-gray metallic mineral, a sulphide of antimony and lead.

Meaning of Zink

Zink means: See Zinc.

Meaning of Zingiberaceous

Zingiberaceous means: Of or pertaining to ginger, or to a tribe (Zingibereae) of endogenous plants of the order Scitamineae. See Scitamineous.

Meaning of Zingel

Zingel means: A small, edible, freshwater European perch (Aspro zingel), having a round, elongated body and prominent snout.

Meaning of Zingaro

Zingaro means: A gypsy.

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