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Meaning of Larkspur

Larkspur means: A genus of ranunculaceous plants (Delphinium), having showy flowers, and a spurred calyx. They are natives of the North Temperate zone. The commonest larkspur of the gardens is D. Consolida. The flower of the bee larkspur (D. elatum) has two petals bearded with yellow hairs, and looks not unlike a bee.

Meaning of Lathwork

Lathwork means: Same as Lathing.

Meaning of Latterkin

Latterkin means: A pointed wooden tool used in glazing leaden lattice.

Meaning of Latticework

Latticework means: Same as Lattice, n., 1.

Meaning of Lieberkuhn

Lieberkuhn means: A concave metallic mirror attached to the object-glass end of a microscope, to throw down light on opaque objects; a reflector.

Meaning of Lieberkuhn's glands

Lieberkuhn's glands means: The simple tubular glands of the small intestines; -- called also crypts of Lieberkuhn.

Meaning of Linkwork

Linkwork means: A fabric consisting of links made of metal or other material fastened together; also, a chain.

Meaning of Linkwork

Linkwork means: Mechanism in which links, or intermediate connecting pieces, are employed to transmit motion from one part to another.

Meaning of Lugmark

Lugmark means: A mark cut into the ear of an animal to identify it; an earmark.

Meaning of Lurked

Lurked means: of Lurk

Meaning of Zealant

Zealant means: One who is zealous; a zealot; an enthusiast.

Meaning of Zeal

Zeal means: To be zealous.

Meaning of Zeal

Zeal means: A zealot.

Meaning of Zeal

Zeal means: Passionate ardor in the pursuit of anything; eagerness in favor of a person or cause; ardent and active interest; engagedness; enthusiasm; fervor.

Meaning of Zea

Zea means: A genus of large grasses of which the Indian corn (Zea Mays) is the only species known. Its origin is not yet ascertained. See Maize.

Meaning of Zayat

Zayat means: A public shed, or portico, for travelers, worshipers, etc.

Meaning of Zax

Zax means: A tool for trimming and puncturing roofing slates.

Meaning of Zauschneria

Zauschneria means: A genus of flowering plants. Zauschneria Californica is a suffrutescent perennial, with showy red flowers much resembling those of the garden fuchsia.

Meaning of Zati

Zati means: A species of macaque (Macacus pileatus) native of India and Ceylon. It has a crown of long erect hair, and tuft of radiating hairs on the back of the head. Called also capped macaque.

Meaning of Zarthe

Zarthe means: A European bream (Abramis vimba).

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