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Meaning of Anadrom

Anadrom means: A fish that leaves the sea and ascends rivers.

Meaning of Anadromous

Anadromous means: Ascending rivers from the sea, at certain seasons, for breeding, as the salmon, shad, etc.

Meaning of Anadromous

Anadromous means: Tending upwards; -- said of terns in which the lowest secondary segments are on the upper side of the branch of the central stem.

Meaning of Anaerobic

Anaerobic means: Relating to, or like, anaerobies; anaerobiotic.

Meaning of Anaerobies

Anaerobies means: Microorganisms which do not require oxygen, but are killed by it.

Meaning of Anaerobiotic

Anaerobiotic means: Related to, or of the nature of, anaerobies.

Meaning of Anandrous

Anandrous means: Destitute of stamens, as certain female flowers.

Meaning of Anantherous

Anantherous means: Destitute of anthers.

Meaning of Anaphrodisia

Anaphrodisia means: Absence of sexual appetite.

Meaning of Anaphrodisiac

Anaphrodisiac means: Same as Antaphrodisiac.

Meaning of Zero

Zero means: The point from which the graduation of a scale, as of a thermometer, commences.

Meaning of Zero

Zero means: A cipher; nothing; naught.

Meaning of Zeroes

Zeroes means: of Zero

Meaning of Zeros

Zeros means: of Zero

Meaning of Zeriba

Zeriba means: Same as Zareba.

Meaning of Zerda

Zerda means: The fennec.

Meaning of Zequin

Zequin means: See Sequin.

Meaning of Zephyrus

Zephyrus means: The west wind, or zephyr; -- usually personified, and made the most mild and gentle of all the sylvan deities.

Meaning of Zephyr

Zephyr means: The west wind; poetically, any soft, gentle breeze.

Meaning of Zeolitiform

Zeolitiform means: Having the form of a zeolite.

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