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Meaning of Anthroposophy

Anthroposophy means: Knowledge of the nature of man; hence, human wisdom.

Meaning of Anthropotomical

Anthropotomical means: Pertaining to anthropotomy, or the dissection of human bodies.

Meaning of Anthropotomist

Anthropotomist means: One who is versed in anthropotomy, or human anatomy.

Meaning of Anthropotomy

Anthropotomy means: The anatomy or dissection of the human body; androtomy.

Meaning of Antiaphrodisiac

Antiaphrodisiac means: Same as Antaphrodisiac.

Meaning of Antibromic

Antibromic means: An agent that destroys offensive smells; a deodorizer.

Meaning of Antichronical

Antichronical means: Deviating from the proper order of time.

Meaning of Antichronism

Antichronism means: Deviation from the true order of time; anachronism.

Meaning of Antidromous

Antidromous means: Changing the direction in the spiral sequence of leaves on a stem.

Meaning of Antihydrophobic

Antihydrophobic means: Counteracting or preventing hydrophobia.

Meaning of Yttriferous

Yttriferous means: Bearing or containing yttrium or the allied elements; as, gadolinite is one of the yttriferous minerals.

Meaning of Yttric

Yttric means: Pertaining to, derived from, or containing, yttrium.

Meaning of Yttria

Yttria means: The oxide, Y2O3, or earth, of yttrium.

Meaning of Ytterbium

Ytterbium means: A rare element of the boron group, sometimes associated with yttrium or other related elements, as in euxenite and gadolinite. Symbol Yb; provisional atomic weight 173.2. Cf. Yttrium.

Meaning of Ytterbic

Ytterbic means: Pertaining to, or derived from, ytterbium; containing ytterbium.

Meaning of Ythrowe

Ythrowe means: p. p. of Throw.

Meaning of Yt

Yt means: an old method of printing that (AS. /aet, /aet) the "y" taking the place of the old letter "thorn" (/). Cf. Ye, the.

Meaning of Yt

Yt means: Alt. of Yt

Meaning of Ysame

Ysame means: Together.

Meaning of Yronne

Yronne means: Run.

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