Words containing se

Meaning of Adviser

Adviser means: One who advises.

Meaning of Advisership

Advisership means: The office of an adviser.

Meaning of Aerose

Aerose means: Of the nature of, or like, copper; brassy.

Meaning of Affranchise

Affranchise means: To make free; to enfranchise.

Meaning of Affranchisement

Affranchisement means: The act of making free; enfranchisement.

Meaning of Affused

Affused means: of Affuse

Meaning of Affuse

Affuse means: To pour out or upon.

Meaning of Afterwise

Afterwise means: Wise after the event; wise or knowing, when it is too late.

Meaning of Aggerose

Aggerose means: In heaps; full of heaps.

Meaning of Aggressed

Aggressed means: of Aggress

Meaning of Zoonule

Zoonule means: Same as Zoonite.

Meaning of Zoonomy

Zoonomy means: The laws of animal life, or the science which treats of the phenomena of animal life, their causes and relations.

Meaning of Zoonite

Zoonite means: One of the theoretic transverse divisions of any segmented animal.

Meaning of Zoonite

Zoonite means: One of the segments of the body of an articulate animal.

Meaning of Zoonic

Zoonic means: Of or pertaining to animals; obtained from animal substances.

Meaning of Zoon

Zoon means: Any one of the perfectly developed individuals of a compound animal.

Meaning of Zoon

Zoon means: An animal which is the sole product of a single egg; -- opposed to zooid.

Meaning of Zoa

Zoa means: of Zoon

Meaning of Zoomorphism

Zoomorphism means: The representation of God, or of gods, in the form, or with the attributes, of the lower animals.

Meaning of Zoomorphism

Zoomorphism means: The quality of representing or using animal forms; as, zoomorphism in ornament.

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