Words containing se

Meaning of Antivivisectionist

Antivivisectionist means: One opposed to vivisection

Meaning of Antrorse

Antrorse means: Forward or upward in direction.

Meaning of Anywise

Anywise means: In any wise or way; at all.

Meaning of Apocalypse

Apocalypse means: The revelation delivered to St. John, in the isle of Patmos, near the close of the first century, forming the last book of the New Testament.

Meaning of Apocalypse

Apocalypse means: Anything viewed as a revelation; a disclosure.

Meaning of Apoise

Apoise means: Balanced.

Meaning of Aponeuroses

Aponeuroses means: of Aponeurosis

Meaning of -ses

-ses means: of Apophysis

Meaning of Aporose

Aporose means: Without pores.

Meaning of Apotheoses

Apotheoses means: of Apotheosis

Meaning of Zoantharia

Zoantharia means: Same as Anthozoa.

Meaning of Zoanthacea

Zoanthacea means: A suborder of Actinaria, including Zoanthus and allied genera, which are permanently attached by their bases.

Meaning of Zizel

Zizel means: The suslik.

Meaning of Zizania

Zizania means: A genus of grasses including Indian rice. See Indian rice, under Rice.

Meaning of Zittern

Zittern means: See Cittern.

Meaning of Zither

Zither means: An instrument of music used in Austria and Germany. It has from thirty to forty wires strung across a shallow sounding-board, which lies horizontally on a table before the performer, who uses both hands in playing on it. [Not to be confounded with the old lute-shaped cittern, or cithern.]

Meaning of Zirconoid

Zirconoid means: A double eight-sided pyramid, a form common with tetragonal crystals; -- so called because this form often occurs in crystals of zircon.

Meaning of Zircono

Zircono means: See Zirco-.

Meaning of Zirconium

Zirconium means: A rare element of the carbon-silicon group, intermediate between the metals and nonmetals, obtained from the mineral zircon as a dark sooty powder, or as a gray metallic crystalline substance. Symbol Zr. Atomic weight, 90.4.

Meaning of Zirconic

Zirconic means: Pertaining to, containing, or resembling, zirconium; as, zirconic oxide; zirconic compounds.

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