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Meaning of Aesthete

Aesthete means: One who makes much or overmuch of aesthetics.

Meaning of Aesthetic

Aesthetic means: Alt. of Aesthetical

Meaning of Aesthetical

Aesthetical means: Of or Pertaining to aesthetics; versed in aesthetics; as, aesthetic studies, emotions, ideas, persons, etc.

Meaning of Aesthetican

Aesthetican means: One versed in aesthetics.

Meaning of Aestheticism

Aestheticism means: The doctrine of aesthetics; aesthetic principles; devotion to the beautiful in nature and art.

Meaning of Aesthetics

Aesthetics means: Alt. of Esthetics

Meaning of Esthetics

Esthetics means: The theory or philosophy of taste; the science of the beautiful in nature and art; esp. that which treats of the expression and embodiment of beauty by art.

Meaning of Aestho-physiology

Aestho-physiology means: The science of sensation in relation to nervous action.

Meaning of Aestival

Aestival means: Of or belonging to the summer; as, aestival diseases.

Meaning of Aestivate

Aestivate means: To spend the summer.

Meaning of Zirconia

Zirconia means: The oxide of zirconium, obtained as a white powder, and possessing both acid and basic properties. On account of its infusibility, and brilliant luminosity when incandescent, it is used as an ingredient of sticks for the Drummomd light.

Meaning of Zirconate

Zirconate means: A salt of zirconic acid.

Meaning of Zircona

Zircona means: Zirconia.

Meaning of Zircon

Zircon means: A mineral occurring in tetragonal crystals, usually of a brown or gray color. It consists of silica and zirconia. A red variety, used as a gem, is called hyacinth. Colorless, pale-yellow or smoky-brown varieties from Ceylon are called jargon.

Meaning of Zircofluoride

Zircofluoride means: A double fluoride of zirconium and hydrogen, or some other positive element or radical; as, zircofluoride of sodium.

Meaning of Zirco-

Zirco- means: A combining form (also used adjectively) designating zirconium as an element of certain double compounds; zircono-; as in zircofluoric acid, sodium zircofluoride.

Meaning of Ziphioid

Ziphioid means: See Xiphioid.

Meaning of Zion

Zion means: The heavenly Jerusalem; heaven.

Meaning of Zion

Zion means: Hence, the theocracy, or church of God.

Meaning of Zion

Zion means: A hill in Jerusalem, which, after the capture of that city by the Israelites, became the royal residence of David and his successors.

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