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Meaning of Aghast

Aghast means: To affright; to terrify.

Meaning of Agast

Agast means: See Aghast.

Meaning of Agastric

Agastric means: Having to stomach, or distinct digestive canal, as the tapeworm.

Meaning of Aggest

Aggest means: To heap up.

Meaning of Aghast

Aghast means: See Agast, v. t.

Meaning of Aghast

Aghast means: Terrified; struck with amazement; showing signs of terror or horror.

Meaning of Agist

Agist means: To take to graze or pasture, at a certain sum; -- used originally of the feeding of cattle in the king's forests, and collecting the money for the same.

Meaning of Agistator

Agistator means: See Agister.

Meaning of Agister

Agister means: Alt. of Agistor

Meaning of Agistor

Agistor means: Formerly, an officer of the king's forest, who had the care of cattle agisted, and collected the money for the same; -- hence called gisttaker, which in England is corrupted into guest-taker.

Meaning of Zincode

Zincode means: The positive electrode of an electrolytic cell; anode.

Meaning of Zinco-

Zinco- means: A combining form from zinc; in chemistry, designating zinc as an element of certain double compounds. Also used adjectively.

Meaning of Zincky

Zincky means: Pertaining to zinc, or having its appearance.

Meaning of Zincing

Zincing means: The act or process of applying zinc; galvanization.

Meaning of Zincking

Zincking means: Alt. of Zincing

Meaning of Zincite

Zincite means: Native zinc oxide; a brittle, translucent mineral, of an orange-red color; -- called also red zinc ore, and red oxide of zinc.

Meaning of Zincify

Zincify means: To coat or impregnate with zinc.

Meaning of Zincification

Zincification means: The act or process of applying zinc; the condition of being zincified, or covered with zinc; galvanization.

Meaning of Zinciferous

Zinciferous means: Containing or affording zinc.

Meaning of Zincide

Zincide means: A binary compound of zinc.

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