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Meaning of Fistula

Fistula means: A pipe for convejing water.

Meaning of Fistula

Fistula means: A permanent abnormal opening into the soft parts with a constant discharge; a deep, narrow, chronic abscess; an abnormal opening between an internal cavity and another cavity or the surface; as, a salivary fistula; an anal fistula; a recto-vaginal fistula.

Meaning of Fistular

Fistular means: Hollow and cylindrical, like a pipe or reed.

Meaning of Fistularia

Fistularia means: A genus of fishes, having the head prolonged into a tube, with the mouth at the extremity.

Meaning of Fistularioid

Fistularioid means: Like or pertaining to the genus Fistularia.

Meaning of Fistulate

Fistulate means: To make hollow or become hollow like a fistula, or pipe.

Meaning of Fistule

Fistule means: A fistula.

Meaning of Fistuliform

Fistuliform means: Of a fistular form; tubular; pipe-shaped.

Meaning of Fistulose

Fistulose means: Formed like a fistula; hollow; reedlike.

Meaning of Fistulous

Fistulous means: Having the form or nature of a fistula; as, a fistulous ulcer.

Meaning of Zoosperm

Zoosperm means: One of the spermatic particles; spermatozoid.

Meaning of Zoopsychology

Zoopsychology means: Animal psychology.

Meaning of Zoopraxiscope

Zoopraxiscope means: An instrument similar to, or the same as, the, the phenakistoscope, by means of which pictures projected upon a screen are made to exhibit the natural movements of animals, and the like.

Meaning of Zoophytology

Zoophytology means: The natural history zoophytes.

Meaning of Zoophytological

Zoophytological means: Of or pertaining to zoophytology; as, zoophytological observations.

Meaning of Zoophytoid

Zoophytoid means: Pertaining to, or resembling, a zoophyte.

Meaning of Zoophytical

Zoophytical means: Of or pertaining to zoophytes.

Meaning of Zoophytic

Zoophytic means: Alt. of Zoophytical

Meaning of Zoophyte

Zoophyte means: Any one of the Zoophyta.

Meaning of Zoophyte

Zoophyte means: Any one of numerous species of invertebrate animals which more or less resemble plants in appearance, or mode of growth, as the corals, gorgonians, sea anemones, hydroids, bryozoans, sponges, etc., especially any of those that form compound colonies having a branched or treelike form, as many corals and hydroids.

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