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Meaning of Notochordal

Notochordal means: Of or pertaining to the notochord; having a notochord.

Meaning of Octocera

Octocera means: Octocerata.

Meaning of Octocerata

Octocerata means: A suborder of Cephalopoda including Octopus, Argonauta, and allied genera, having eight arms around the head; -- called also Octopoda.

Meaning of Octochord

Octochord means: See Octachord.

Meaning of Odontocete

Odontocete means: A subdivision of Cetacea, including the sperm whale, dolphins, etc.; the toothed whales.

Meaning of Ootocoid

Ootocoid means: A half oviparous, or an oviparous, mammal; a marsupial or monotreme.

Meaning of Optocoele

Optocoele means: Alt. of Optocoelia

Meaning of Optocoelia

Optocoelia means: The cavity of one of the optic lobes of the brain in many animals.

Meaning of Otoconite

Otoconite means: A mass of otoliths.

Meaning of Otoconite

Otoconite means: An otolith.

Meaning of Zoomorphism

Zoomorphism means: The transformation of men into beasts.

Meaning of Zoomorphic

Zoomorphic means: Of or pertaining to zoomorphism.

Meaning of Zoomelanin

Zoomelanin means: A pigment giving the black color to the feathers of many birds.

Meaning of Zoology

Zoology means: A treatise on this science.

Meaning of Zoology

Zoology means: That part of biology which relates to the animal kingdom, including the structure, embryology, evolution, classification, habits, and distribution of all animals, both living and extinct.

Meaning of Zoologies

Zoologies means: of Zoology

Meaning of Zoologist

Zoologist means: One who is well versed in zoology.

Meaning of Zoologically

Zoologically means: In a zoological manner; according to the principles of zoology.

Meaning of Zoological

Zoological means: Of or pertaining to zoology, or the science of animals.

Meaning of Zoologer

Zoologer means: A zoologist.

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