Words containing xe

Meaning of Luxe

Luxe means: Luxury.

Meaning of Malexecution

Malexecution means: Bad execution.

Meaning of Mixed

Mixed means: of Mix

Meaning of Mixed

Mixed means: Formed by mixing; united; mingled; blended. See Mix, v. t. & i.

Meaning of Mixedly

Mixedly means: In a mixed or mingled manner.

Meaning of Mixen

Mixen means: A compost heap; a dunghill.

Meaning of Mixer

Mixer means: One who, or that which, mixes.

Meaning of Myeloplaxes

Myeloplaxes means: of Myeloplax

Meaning of Ne exeat

Ne exeat means: A writ to restrain a person from leaving the country, or the jurisdiction of the court. The writ was originally applicable to purposes of state, but is now an ordinary process of courts of equity, resorted to for the purpose of obtaining bail, or security to abide a decree.

Meaning of Calyxes

Calyxes means: of Nematocalyx

Meaning of Zinziberaceous

Zinziberaceous means: Same as Zingiberaceous.

Meaning of Zinsang

Zinsang means: The delundung.

Meaning of Zinnwaldite

Zinnwaldite means: A kind of mica containing lithium, often associated with tin ore.

Meaning of Zinnia

Zinnia means: Any plant of the composite genus Zinnia, Mexican herbs with opposite leaves and large gay-colored blossoms. Zinnia elegans is the commonest species in cultivation.

Meaning of Zinky

Zinky means: See Zincky.

Meaning of Zinkenite

Zinkenite means: A steel-gray metallic mineral, a sulphide of antimony and lead.

Meaning of Zink

Zink means: See Zinc.

Meaning of Zingiberaceous

Zingiberaceous means: Of or pertaining to ginger, or to a tribe (Zingibereae) of endogenous plants of the order Scitamineae. See Scitamineous.

Meaning of Zingel

Zingel means: A small, edible, freshwater European perch (Aspro zingel), having a round, elongated body and prominent snout.

Meaning of Zingaro

Zingaro means: A gypsy.

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