Words containing zin

Meaning of Fertilizing

Fertilizing means: of Fertilize

Meaning of Feudalizing

Feudalizing means: of Feudalize

Meaning of Fizzing

Fizzing means: of Fizz

Meaning of Fluidizing

Fluidizing means: of Fluidize

Meaning of Focalizing

Focalizing means: of Focalize

Meaning of Formalizing

Formalizing means: of Formalize

Meaning of Formulizing

Formulizing means: of Formulize

Meaning of Fossilizing

Fossilizing means: of Fossilize

Meaning of Foziness

Foziness means: The state of being fozy; spiritlessness; dullness.

Meaning of Fraternizing

Fraternizing means: of Fraternize

Meaning of Zoolatry

Zoolatry means: The worship of animals.

Meaning of Zooidal

Zooidal means: Of or pertaining to a zooid; as, a zooidal form.

Meaning of Zooid

Zooid means: One of the individual animals in a composite group, as of Anthozoa, Hydroidea, and Bryozoa; -- sometimes restricted to those individuals in which the mouth and digestive organs are not developed.

Meaning of Zooid

Zooid means: An animal in one of its inferior stages of development, as one of the intermediate forms in alternate generation.

Meaning of Zooid

Zooid means: An organic body or cell having locomotion, as a spermatic cell or spermatozooid.

Meaning of Zooid

Zooid means: Pertaining to, or resembling, an animal.

Meaning of Zoography

Zoography means: A description of animals, their forms and habits.

Meaning of Zoographist

Zoographist means: A zoographer.

Meaning of Zoographical

Zoographical means: Of or pertaining to the description of animals.

Meaning of Zoographic

Zoographic means: Alt. of Zoographical

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