Words ending with ae

Meaning of Lignum-vitae

Lignum-vitae means: A tree (Guaiacum officinale) found in the warm latitudes of America, from which the guaiacum of medicine is procured. Its wood is very hard and heavy, and is used for various mechanical purposes, as for the wheels of ships' blocks, cogs, bearings, and the like. See Guaiacum.

Meaning of Ligulae

Ligulae means: of Ligula

Meaning of Limicolae

Limicolae means: A group of shore birds, embracing the plovers, sandpipers, snipe, curlew, etc. ; the Grallae.

Meaning of Linguae

Linguae means: of Lingua

Meaning of -lae

-lae means: of Lingula

Meaning of Loricae

Loricae means: of Lorica

Meaning of Lunulae

Lunulae means: of Lunula

Meaning of Lusus naturae

Lusus naturae means: Sport or freak of nature; a deformed or unnatural production.

Meaning of Lyttae

Lyttae means: of Lytta

Meaning of Maculae

Maculae means: of Macula

Meaning of Zoolatry

Zoolatry means: The worship of animals.

Meaning of Zooidal

Zooidal means: Of or pertaining to a zooid; as, a zooidal form.

Meaning of Zooid

Zooid means: One of the individual animals in a composite group, as of Anthozoa, Hydroidea, and Bryozoa; -- sometimes restricted to those individuals in which the mouth and digestive organs are not developed.

Meaning of Zooid

Zooid means: An animal in one of its inferior stages of development, as one of the intermediate forms in alternate generation.

Meaning of Zooid

Zooid means: An organic body or cell having locomotion, as a spermatic cell or spermatozooid.

Meaning of Zooid

Zooid means: Pertaining to, or resembling, an animal.

Meaning of Zoography

Zoography means: A description of animals, their forms and habits.

Meaning of Zoographist

Zoographist means: A zoographer.

Meaning of Zoographical

Zoographical means: Of or pertaining to the description of animals.

Meaning of Zoographic

Zoographic means: Alt. of Zoographical

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