Words ending with ae

Meaning of Spathae

Spathae means: of Spatha

Meaning of Spermathecae

Spermathecae means: of Spermatheca

Meaning of Spicae

Spicae means: of Spica

Meaning of Spiculae

Spiculae means: of Spicula

Meaning of Spiculispongiae

Spiculispongiae means: A division of sponges including those which have independent siliceous spicules.

Meaning of Spongiae

Spongiae means: The grand division of the animal kingdom which includes the sponges; -- called also Spongida, Spongiaria, Spongiozoa, and Porifera.

Meaning of Sportulae

Sportulae means: of Sportula

Meaning of Squamae

Squamae means: of Squama

Meaning of Squamellae

Squamellae means: of Squamella

Meaning of Squamulae

Squamulae means: of Squamula

Meaning of Zillah

Zillah means: A district or local division, as of a province.

Meaning of Zilla

Zilla means: A low, thorny, suffrutescent, crucifeous plant (Zilla myagroides) found in the deserts of Egypt. Its leaves are boiled in water, and eaten, by the Arabs.

Meaning of Zigzaggy

Zigzaggy means: Having sharp turns.

Meaning of Zigzaggery

Zigzaggery means: The quality or state of being zigzag; crookedness.

Meaning of Zigzag

Zigzag means: To move in a zigzag manner; also, to have a zigzag shape.

Meaning of Zigzag

Zigzag means: To form with short turns.

Meaning of Zigzagging

Zigzagging means: of Zigzag

Meaning of Zigzagged

Zigzagged means: of Zigzag

Meaning of Zigzag

Zigzag means: Having short, sharp turns; running this way and that in an onward course.

Meaning of Zigzag

Zigzag means: See Boyau.

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