Words ending with ate

Meaning of Alleviate

Alleviate means: To extenuate; to palliate.

Meaning of Alligate

Alligate means: To tie; to unite by some tie.

Meaning of Allineate

Allineate means: To align.

Meaning of Alliterate

Alliterate means: To employ or place so as to make alliteration.

Meaning of Alliterate

Alliterate means: To compose alliteratively; also, to constitute alliteration.

Meaning of Allocate

Allocate means: To distribute or assign; to allot.

Meaning of Allocate

Allocate means: To localize.

Meaning of Alloxanate

Alloxanate means: A combination of alloxanic acid and a base or base or positive radical.

Meaning of Altercate

Altercate means: To contend in words; to dispute with zeal, heat, or anger; to wrangle.

Meaning of Alternate

Alternate means: Being or succeeding by turns; one following the other in succession of time or place; by turns first one and then the other; hence, reciprocal.

Meaning of Zoilean

Zoilean means: Having the characteristic of Zoilus, a bitter, envious, unjust critic, who lived about 270 years before Christ.

Meaning of Zoide

Zoide means: See Meride.

Meaning of Zoic

Zoic means: Of or pertaining to animals, or animal life.

Meaning of Zohar

Zohar means: A Jewish cabalistic book attributed by tradition to Rabbi Simon ben Yochi, who lived about the end of the 1st century, a. d. Modern critics believe it to be a compilation of the 13th century.

Meaning of Zoetrope

Zoetrope means: An optical toy, in which figures made to revolve on the inside of a cylinder, and viewed through slits in its circumference, appear like a single figure passing through a series of natural motions as if animated or mechanically moved.

Meaning of Zoea

Zoea means: A peculiar larval stage of certain decapod Crustacea, especially of crabs and certain Anomura.

Meaning of Zodiacal

Zodiacal means: Of or pertaining to the zodiac; situated within the zodiac; as, the zodiacal planets.

Meaning of Zodiac

Zodiac means: A girdle; a belt.

Meaning of Zodiac

Zodiac means: A figure representing the signs, symbols, and constellations of the zodiac.

Meaning of Zodiac

Zodiac means: An imaginary belt in the heavens, 16 or 18 broad, in the middle of which is the ecliptic, or sun's path. It comprises the twelve constellations, which one constituted, and from which were named, the twelve signs of the zodiac.

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