Words ending with eness

Meaning of Appropriateness

Appropriateness means: The state or quality of being appropriate; peculiar fitness.

Meaning of Arguteness

Arguteness means: Acuteness.

Meaning of Articulateness

Articulateness means: Quality of being articulate.

Meaning of Associableness

Associableness means: Associability.

Meaning of Attainableness

Attainableness means: The quality of being attainable; attainability.

Meaning of Audibleness

Audibleness means: The quality of being audible.

Meaning of Austereness

Austereness means: Harshness or astringent sourness to the taste; acerbity.

Meaning of Austereness

Austereness means: Severity; strictness; austerity.

Meaning of Availableness

Availableness means: Competent power; validity; efficacy; as, the availableness of a title.

Meaning of Availableness

Availableness means: Quality of being available; capability of being used for the purpose intended.

Meaning of Zufolo

Zufolo means: A little flute or flageolet, especially that which is used to teach birds.

Meaning of Zuchetto

Zuchetto means: A skullcap covering the tonsure, worn under the berretta. The pope's is white; a cardinal's red; a bishop's purple; a priest's black.

Meaning of Zuche

Zuche means: A stump of a tree.

Meaning of Zubr

Zubr means: The aurochs.

Meaning of Zoutch

Zoutch means: To stew, as flounders, eels, etc., with just enough or liquid to cover them.

Meaning of Zounds

Zounds means: An exclamation formerly used as an oath, and an expression of anger or wonder.

Meaning of Zouave

Zouave means: Hence, one of a body of soldiers who adopt the dress and drill of the Zouaves, as was done by a number of volunteer regiments in the army of the United States in the Civil War, 1861-65.

Meaning of Zouave

Zouave means: One of an active and hardy body of soldiers in the French service, originally Arabs, but now composed of Frenchmen who wear the Arab dress.

Meaning of Zosterops

Zosterops means: A genus of birds that comprises the white-eyes. See White-eye.

Meaning of Zostera

Zostera means: A genus of plants of the Naiadaceae, or Pondweed family. Zostera marina is commonly known as sea wrack, and eelgrass.

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