Words ending with ent

Meaning of Attachment

Attachment means: The writ or percept commanding such seizure or taking.

Meaning of Attainment

Attainment means: The act of attaining; the act of arriving at or reaching; hence, the act of obtaining by efforts.

Meaning of Attainment

Attainment means: That which is attained to, or obtained by exertion; acquirement; acquisition; (pl.), mental acquirements; knowledge; as, literary and scientific attainments.

Meaning of Attaintment

Attaintment means: Attainder; attainture; conviction.

Meaning of Attemperament

Attemperament means: A tempering, or mixing in due proportion.

Meaning of Attemperment

Attemperment means: Attemperament.

Meaning of Attendement

Attendement means: Intent.

Meaning of Attendment

Attendment means: An attendant circumstance.

Meaning of Attent

Attent means: Attentive; heedful.

Meaning of Attent

Attent means: Attention; heed.

Meaning of Zealant

Zealant means: One who is zealous; a zealot; an enthusiast.

Meaning of Zeal

Zeal means: To be zealous.

Meaning of Zeal

Zeal means: A zealot.

Meaning of Zeal

Zeal means: Passionate ardor in the pursuit of anything; eagerness in favor of a person or cause; ardent and active interest; engagedness; enthusiasm; fervor.

Meaning of Zea

Zea means: A genus of large grasses of which the Indian corn (Zea Mays) is the only species known. Its origin is not yet ascertained. See Maize.

Meaning of Zayat

Zayat means: A public shed, or portico, for travelers, worshipers, etc.

Meaning of Zax

Zax means: A tool for trimming and puncturing roofing slates.

Meaning of Zauschneria

Zauschneria means: A genus of flowering plants. Zauschneria Californica is a suffrutescent perennial, with showy red flowers much resembling those of the garden fuchsia.

Meaning of Zati

Zati means: A species of macaque (Macacus pileatus) native of India and Ceylon. It has a crown of long erect hair, and tuft of radiating hairs on the back of the head. Called also capped macaque.

Meaning of Zarthe

Zarthe means: A European bream (Abramis vimba).

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