Words ending with est

Meaning of Abdest

Abdest means: Purification by washing the hands before prayer; -- a Mohammedan rite.

Meaning of Acquest

Acquest means: Acquisition; the thing gained.

Meaning of Acquest

Acquest means: Property acquired by purchase, gift, or otherwise than by inheritance.

Meaning of Afforest

Afforest means: To convert into a forest; as, to afforest a tract of country.

Meaning of Aggest

Aggest means: To heap up.

Meaning of Alcahest

Alcahest means: Same as Alkahest.

Meaning of Alder-liefest

Alder-liefest means: Most beloved.

Meaning of Alkahest

Alkahest means: The fabled "universal solvent" of the alchemists; a menstruum capable of dissolving all bodies.

Meaning of Almagest

Almagest means: The celebrated work of Ptolemy of Alexandria, which contains nearly all that is known of the astronomical observations and theories of the ancients. The name was extended to other similar works.

Meaning of Anapaest

Anapaest means: Alt. of Anapaestic

Meaning of Zythum

Zythum means: A kind of ancient malt beverage; a liquor made from malt and wheat.

Meaning of Zythepsary

Zythepsary means: A brewery.

Meaning of Zythem

Zythem means: See Zythum.

Meaning of Zymotic

Zymotic means: Designating, or pertaining to, a certain class of diseases. See Zymotic disease, below.

Meaning of Zymotic

Zymotic means: Of, pertaining to, or caused by, fermentation.

Meaning of Zymosis

Zymosis means: A zymotic disease.

Meaning of Zymosis

Zymosis means: A fermentation; hence, an analogous process by which an infectious disease is believed to be developed.

Meaning of Zymose

Zymose means: Invertin.

Meaning of Zymophyte

Zymophyte means: A bacteroid ferment.

Meaning of Zymosimeter

Zymosimeter means: An instrument for ascertaining the degree of fermentation occasioned by the mixture of different liquids, and the degree of heat which they acquire in fermentation.

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