Words ending with l

Meaning of Anticlinal

Anticlinal means: Inclining or dipping in opposite directions. See Synclinal.

Meaning of Anticlinal

Anticlinal means: The crest or line in which strata slope or dip in opposite directions.

Meaning of Anticonstitutional

Anticonstitutional means: Opposed to the constitution; unconstitutional.

Meaning of Antidotal

Antidotal means: Having the quality an antidote; fitted to counteract the effects of poison.

Meaning of Antidotical

Antidotical means: Serving as an antidote.

Meaning of Antimagistrical

Antimagistrical means: Opposed to the office or authority of magistrates.

Meaning of Antimalarial

Antimalarial means: Good against malaria.

Meaning of Antimonarchical

Antimonarchical means: Opposed to monarchial government.

Meaning of Antimonial

Antimonial means: Of or pertaining to antimony.

Meaning of Antimonial

Antimonial means: A preparation or medicine containing antimony.

Meaning of Zeolitic

Zeolitic means: Of or pertaining to a zeolite; consisting of, or resembling, a zeolite.

Meaning of Zeolite

Zeolite means: A term now used to designate any one of a family of minerals, hydrous silicates of alumina, with lime, soda, potash, or rarely baryta. Here are included natrolite, stilbite, analcime, chabazite, thomsonite, heulandite, and others. These species occur of secondary origin in the cavities of amygdaloid, basalt, and lava, also, less frequently, in granite and gneiss. So called because many of these species intumesce before the blowpipe.

Meaning of Zenithal

Zenithal means: Of or pertaining to the zenith.

Meaning of Zenith

Zenith means: hence, figuratively, the point of culmination; the greatest height; the height of success or prosperity.

Meaning of Zenith

Zenith means: That point in the visible celestial hemisphere which is vertical to the spectator; the point of the heavens directly overhead; -- opposed to nadir.

Meaning of Zenik

Zenik means: See Zenick.

Meaning of Zenick

Zenick means: A South African burrowing mammal (Suricata tetradactyla), allied to the civets. It is grayish brown, with yellowish transverse stripes on the back. Called also suricat.

Meaning of Zendik

Zendik means: An atheist or unbeliever; -- name given in the East to those charged with disbelief of any revealed religion, or accused of magical heresies.

Meaning of Zend-Avesta

Zend-Avesta means: The sacred writings of the ancient Persian religion, attributed to Zoroaster, but chiefly of a later date.

Meaning of Zend

Zend means: Properly, the translation and exposition in the Huzv/resh, or literary Pehlevi, language, of the Avesta, the Zoroastrian sacred writings; as commonly used, the language (an ancient Persian dialect) in which the Avesta is written.

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