Words ending with l

Meaning of Apocryphal

Apocryphal means: Not canonical. Hence: Of doubtful authority; equivocal; mythic; fictitious; spurious; false.

Meaning of Apodal

Apodal means: Without feet; footless.

Meaning of Apodal

Apodal means: Destitute of the ventral fin, as the eels.

Meaning of Apodeictical

Apodeictical means: Alt. of Apodictical

Meaning of Apodictical

Apodictical means: Self-evident; intuitively true; evident beyond contradiction.

Meaning of Apogeal

Apogeal means: Apogean.

Meaning of Apohyal

Apohyal means: Of or pertaining to a portion of the horn of the hyoid bone.

Meaning of Apologetical

Apologetical means: Defending by words or arguments; said or written in defense, or by way of apology; regretfully excusing; as, an apologetic essay.

Meaning of Apophthegmatical

Apophthegmatical means: Same as Apothegmatic.

Meaning of Apoplectical

Apoplectical means: Relating to apoplexy; affected with, inclined to, or symptomatic of, apoplexy; as, an apoplectic person, medicine, habit or temperament, symptom, fit, or stroke.

Meaning of Zarnich

Zarnich means: Native sulphide of arsenic, including sandarach, or realgar, and orpiment.

Meaning of Zareba

Zareba means: An improvised stockade; especially, one made of thorn bushes, etc.

Meaning of Zaratite

Zaratite means: A hydrous carbonate of nickel occurring as an emerald-green incrustation on chromite; -- called also emerald nickel.

Meaning of Zarathustrism

Zarathustrism means: See Zoroastrianism.

Meaning of Zarathustric

Zarathustric means: Of or pertaining to Zarathustra, or Zoroaster; Zoroastrian.

Meaning of Zarathustrian

Zarathustrian means: Alt. of Zarathustric

Meaning of Zaptiah

Zaptiah means: A Turkish policeman.

Meaning of Zapotilla

Zapotilla means: See Sapodilla.

Meaning of Zaphrentis

Zaphrentis means: An extinct genus of cyathophylloid corals common in the Paleozoic formations. It is cup-shaped with numerous septa, and with a deep pit in one side of the cup.

Meaning of Zaphara

Zaphara means: Zaffer.

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