Words ending with ule

Meaning of Limule

Limule means: A limulus.

Meaning of Lobule

Lobule means: A small lobe; a subdivision of a lobe.

Meaning of Locule

Locule means: A little hollow; a loculus.

Meaning of Lodicule

Lodicule means: One of the two or three delicate membranous scales which are next to the stamens in grasses.

Meaning of Lucule

Lucule means: A spot or fleck on the sun brighter than the surrounding surface.

Meaning of Lunule

Lunule means: Anything crescent-shaped; a crescent-shaped part or mark; a lunula, a lune.

Meaning of Lunule

Lunule means: A lune. See Lune.

Meaning of Lunule

Lunule means: A small or narrow crescent.

Meaning of Lunule

Lunule means: A special area in front of the beak of many bivalve shells. It sometimes has the shape of a double crescent, but is oftener heart-shaped. See Illust. of Bivalve.

Meaning of Macule

Macule means: A spot.

Meaning of Zoosperm

Zoosperm means: One of the spermatic particles; spermatozoid.

Meaning of Zoopsychology

Zoopsychology means: Animal psychology.

Meaning of Zoopraxiscope

Zoopraxiscope means: An instrument similar to, or the same as, the, the phenakistoscope, by means of which pictures projected upon a screen are made to exhibit the natural movements of animals, and the like.

Meaning of Zoophytology

Zoophytology means: The natural history zoophytes.

Meaning of Zoophytological

Zoophytological means: Of or pertaining to zoophytology; as, zoophytological observations.

Meaning of Zoophytoid

Zoophytoid means: Pertaining to, or resembling, a zoophyte.

Meaning of Zoophytical

Zoophytical means: Of or pertaining to zoophytes.

Meaning of Zoophytic

Zoophytic means: Alt. of Zoophytical

Meaning of Zoophyte

Zoophyte means: Any one of the Zoophyta.

Meaning of Zoophyte

Zoophyte means: Any one of numerous species of invertebrate animals which more or less resemble plants in appearance, or mode of growth, as the corals, gorgonians, sea anemones, hydroids, bryozoans, sponges, etc., especially any of those that form compound colonies having a branched or treelike form, as many corals and hydroids.

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