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Meaning of Flux

Flux means: The matter thus discharged.

Meaning of Flux

Flux means: The quantity of a fluid that crosses a unit area of a given surface in a unit of time.

Meaning of Flux

Flux means: Flowing; unstable; inconstant; variable.

Meaning of Flux

Flux means: To affect, or bring to a certain state, by flux.

Meaning of Flux

Flux means: To cause to become fluid; to fuse.

Meaning of Flux

Flux means: To cause a discharge from; to purge.

Meaning of Forfex

Forfex means: A pair of shears.

Meaning of Fornix

Fornix means: An arch or fold; as, the fornix, or vault, of the cranium; the fornix, or reflection, of the conjuctiva.

Meaning of Fornix

Fornix means: Esp., two longitudinal bands of white nervous tissue beneath the lateral ventricles of the brain.

Meaning of Fox

Fox means: A carnivorous animal of the genus Vulpes, family Canidae, of many species. The European fox (V. vulgaris or V. vulpes), the American red fox (V. fulvus), the American gray fox (V. Virginianus), and the arctic, white, or blue, fox (V. lagopus) are well-known species.

Meaning of Zinziberaceous

Zinziberaceous means: Same as Zingiberaceous.

Meaning of Zinsang

Zinsang means: The delundung.

Meaning of Zinnwaldite

Zinnwaldite means: A kind of mica containing lithium, often associated with tin ore.

Meaning of Zinnia

Zinnia means: Any plant of the composite genus Zinnia, Mexican herbs with opposite leaves and large gay-colored blossoms. Zinnia elegans is the commonest species in cultivation.

Meaning of Zinky

Zinky means: See Zincky.

Meaning of Zinkenite

Zinkenite means: A steel-gray metallic mineral, a sulphide of antimony and lead.

Meaning of Zink

Zink means: See Zinc.

Meaning of Zingiberaceous

Zingiberaceous means: Of or pertaining to ginger, or to a tribe (Zingibereae) of endogenous plants of the order Scitamineae. See Scitamineous.

Meaning of Zingel

Zingel means: A small, edible, freshwater European perch (Aspro zingel), having a round, elongated body and prominent snout.

Meaning of Zingaro

Zingaro means: A gypsy.

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